El Juego de las Lllaves Screening

Miami, FL – Th? l?di?? of “We All Gr?w L?tin?” invit?d Atl?nt? L?tin?? t? a ??r??ning ?f a ??u?l? ?f ??i??d?? ?f th? series “El Ju?g? d? Las Ll?v??” with ??tr??? M?it? P?rr?ni as th? protagonist and l?t’? just say, the ??r??ning l?ft ?v?r??n? w?nting to w?t?h more.

B???d in M?xi??, El Juego de L?? Ll?v?? is a ??ri?? full “taboo” topics ?nd f?nt??i?? ??mm?nl? th?ught ?f but n?t t?lk?d about. Even in it? opening ???n?, th? ??ri?? ?u?h?? th? ?nv?l??? ?nd ??t? the t?n? f?r th? madness to come.

Th? ??ri?? ?x?l?r?? the r?l?ti?n?hi? of three middle aged couples wh? have b??n friends ?in?? grade school. Alth?ugh th??’r? all ?imil?r ?g?? ?nd h?v? kn?wn ???h other ?r??ti??ll? th?ir entire liv??, th?ir r?l?ti?n?hi?? ?ll diff?r in w??? th?t m??t couples watching ??n relate to. Th? ??ri?? does a g??d j?b ?f including r??l life marriage ?truggl?. D???it? loving ???h other deeply in ???h r?l?ti?n?hi?, ?n? ?f th? r?l?ti?n?hi?? ?truggl? with lack of intimacy, the other with th? exhaustion ?f r?i?ing ?hildr?n and th? ?th?r with one ??rtn?r wanting children while the ?th?r d???n’t.

Within th? fir?t 10 minut??, th? ??ri?? ?h?w? how th? w?m?n in the series h?v? been coping with this monotonous liv?? thu? far, until it’s all ?h?k?n u? b? th? popular guy fr?m their high ??h??l wh? ??m?? b??k fr?m the U.S. and invites th? fri?nd gr?u? t? dinn?r.

B???d in M?xi??, El Ju?g? d? L?? Ll?v?? i? a series full “taboo” t??i?? ?nd f?nt??i?? commonly th?ught ?f but n?t t?lk?d about.


Th? dinner turn? int? m?r? of a home g?tt?, ?? th? bottle ?f t??uil? i? ???n?d and ?t?rt? m?king its rounds. Ev?ntu?ll?, th? ???ul?r gu?’? mu?h ??ung?r girlfri?nd ?ugg??t? th? gr?u? plays “El Juego d? L?? Ll?v??”, a g?m? in whi?h ?ith?r th? b??? ?r th? girl? ?ut th?ir k??? int? a b?wl and the opposites th?n ?i?k th? k??? ?ut ?f th? b?wl? ?nd h?v? t? ?l??? with wh??v?r? k??? th?? ?i?k?d.


This i? th? fir?t tim? in th? ??ri?? the ?h?w ?ddr????? ??l??m?r?u? r?l?ti?n?hi?? and th? questions th?t ??m? with the di?t?nt, but n?t ?? distant, f?nt??? ?f m?n?.


We All Grow Latina brought ????h?l?gi?t ?nd sexologist Dr. Silvia Olm?d? t? answer ?u??ti?n? in the ?udi?n??. Th? m??tl? f?m?l? audience w?? r?lu?t?nt to share th?ir ?u??ti?n? initi?ll?, but as Dr. Olmedo ???k? and ?ddr????d some ?f th? scenes ?nd ?u??ti?n? that were left but th? tw? episodes ??r??n?d, th? ?udi?n?? ???n?d u? ?b?ut th?ir ?wn ?x??ri?n??? and th?ught?.

What I gathered i? that w?m?n ?? ju?t as sexual, if not m?r?, but w?’v? been hi?t?ri??ll? told to ?u??r??? that part of u? th?t allows us t? take charge of our ??xu?l liv?? ?nd experiences. We f??l ?h?, ?wkw?rd and un?u???rt?d ????king ?ur truth? ?nd ??king our questions in fr?nt ?f ?v?n a gr?u? ?f ?ur female ???r?, f?r the ??k? of being th?ught of as l????r ?r judg?d. Th? r??lit? i? th?t m??t ?f us h?v? th? ??m? questions, ?nd if we don’t, we empathize with th?m. Th? f?m?l? l??d? ?f this ?h?w are the ones who t?k? ?h?rg? of thi? n?w sexual ????rtunit?. They’re th? ones wh? ??k the ?u??ti?n? ?nd w?nd?r wh?th?r it’? b??t f?r th?m ?nd it’? something I think women ??n learn ??m?thing fr?m. By no m??n? does it entail g?ing as f?r ?? the ?h?r??t?r? in this ?h?w d?, but instead it encourages w?m?n t? t?k? ?h?rg? ?nd have th??? conversations openly with th?ir partners.


If you ?r? ??m??n? wh? ??rh??? struggles with kn?wing how t? bring u? ??rt?in id???, this ?h?w ??uld b? a g??d g?t?w?? t? have th?t talk. B? watching with ??ur partner ?nd ???ing everything unfold, it ??uld ?r?v? easier to talk about without th? sense ?f di???mf?rt that ??m? might f??l.

P?r??n?ll?, I think the ?h?w brings ?n im??rt?nt message of t?king ?h?rg? ?f your ?wn w?nt?. M?r? so th?n th? g?m? ?f k???, it ?ll?w? for the sense of shame t? be ?tri???d ?nd the t?b?? to b???m? ju?t a little more n?rm?l.