Miami, FL – Th? m??t wonderful tim? of the ???r i? here in Mi?mi! Mi?mi Spice is t?king over with ?v?r 200 restaurants in Mi?mi ??rti?i??ting thi? ???r. If ??u haven’t ?x??ri?n??d Mi?mi S?i?? before, It’s ?n ?xtr?v?g?nz? here, with ?rix-fix? d??l? ?t ??m? ?f th? area’s finest restaurants for th? r?du??d price ?f $23 for lun?h ?nd brun?h ?nd $39 f?r dinn?r (?x?luding tax ?nd ti?).

I h?d th? ????rtunit? t? h??d ?v?r t? Pubb?ll? Sushi ?t its D?d?l?nd l???ti?n f?r lun?h, where they ?utdid themselves by h?ving not 3 but a 4-??ur?? Miami S?i?? menu.

To ?t?rt th? m??l, I h?d th? S?i?? Tun? T??uit??. Th? ????tiz?r ??m?? with two taquitos, with fr??h and deliciously ?????n?d tun? t?rt?r? in w?nt?n ?h?ll?. T? ?t?rt, it w?? the perfect ?m?unt ?f food t? g?t excited to eat (as if I need any more reason to be excited t? ??t) whil? ?l?? ??ti?ting that sharp hung?r pains your b?ll? whil? ??u wait for ??ur n?xt ?l?t?.

Next u?, we w?r? t?rn b?tw??n th? kim?hi fri?d ri?? ?nd th? Japanese Fri?d Chicken, ?m?ng?t th? other ?h?i???. Th? waiter gave u? a knowingly l??k and suggested the Japanese Fri?d Chi?k?n, d???ribing it as a version of ?hi?k?n tempura with the ?????n already in th? b?tt?r, fri?d to ?ri?? ??rf??ti?n. It did NOT disappoint. First ?f ?ll, th? portion w?? enough t? fill someone f?r lun?h, not needing ?n? of th? ?th?r ?l?t??. The chicken w?? crunchy and ??rum?ti?u?.


The sauce, mustard mi?? w?? a ?w??t ?nd ??ur ?dditi?n to th? ?hi?k?n th?t ?l?v?t?d th? taste. Th? r??l killer w?? eating it with spicy m???. YUM! I was ?lr??d? full h?lfw?? d?n?, but I finished and I w?? ?n my last ?i??? of ?hi?k?n, th?? br?ught m? third ?l???.

T?lk ?b?ut gr??t ??rvi??!

Th? next ?l?t? up w?? the P?rk B?ll? B??. N?w, I d?n’t w?nt t? say I’m a b?? expert, but I kind of ?m. Th? b?? w?? cooked t? ??rf??ti?n. So bouncy ?nd d?li?i?u?. The P?rkb?ll? w?? a mixtur? ?f sweet and salty with its ??i?? honey ?????ning ?nd ?ni?n ?il?ntr? filling. This plate ??m? with two b???.

Fin?ll?, whil? on the v?rg? ?f bur?ting, th? last ?l?t? ??m? ?ut: d????rt! Th? d????rt w?? a ?tr?wb?rr? fl?v?r?d Mochi with a couple ?f blueberries ?nd blackberries. It was th? ??rf??t small size t? ?nd th? lunch on a ?w??t n?t? and it was th?w?d t? ??rf??ti?n.

All in all, I w?uld definitely g? b??k ?nd I most likely will. Th? service w?? ?l?? swift and ?tt?ntiv?. The waiter was g?ing ?t ?ur ????, not m?king u? feel rushed at all, but also never m?king u? w?it.